For this week’s round of the latest in online advertising news, consider: Post-publishing video edits are now possible on YouTube, marketing strategies may be used on Tikor, new ad forms have been introduced on Pinterest, a digital shop for Avatars has opened on Post-publishing video edits are now possible Meta, and LinkedIn has developed a new Reaction in response to user feedback.

See below for a rundown of recent events, developments, and informational additions:



You may now edit your videos on YouTube. The Time After Publication

After a video has been uploaded to YouTube, the creator will now be able to go in and make edits to it.

According to Creator Insider, the Corrections function has been released, making it able to edit published videos. By the end of June, qualified creators will have access to this new capability.

If a video had a problem after it had been upload

The only solution was to delete it, make the necessary changes, and then upload it again. Regrettably, this action resulted in a decrease in views, interaction rates, and user feedback. Artists often dealt with problems by simply making a note of them in the post’s annotations or description.

Creators may now highlight changes and explanations in the descriptions of their previously uploaded movies using the new Corrections function. As soon as a maker makes a change to a video. card will pop up at the same moment the mistake was made.

Post-publishing video edits are now possible

The teaser information card that appears. when a repair is made appears just during the first correction time stamp. If you click on that card, the video description will expand to include the correction or explanation the artist has placed in.

Creator Insider noted in the same video that channel mentions are now available in all user-generated content, including videos, broadcasts, shorts, and blog entries.

How Tikor Contributes to Word of Mouth Promotion: Post-publishing video edits are now possible

Exactly what it is about TikTok that motivates users to take action, and what features of the app boost the effectiveness of advertisements, are the subjects of a new research study.

The second part of TikTok’s Retail Path to Purchase study focuses on how the platform has evolved into a new word-of-mouth marketplace that motivates users to take action and provides a positive experience for them at every stage of the buying process.

Part 1 of the analysis was released in February, and it show Retail Path to Purchase for TikTok users is not linear, but rather a never-ending cycle. According to TikTok, this particular buying process is exclusive to their service.

Post-publishing video edits are now possible

Part two of the paper details their collaboration with market research firm Material to learn how TikTok factors into the buying decision. What the research ultimately found was:

The TikTok audience of outspoken determine, and consequential shoppers.

More than twice as many people who use TikTok will suggest a product or service they found there.

In the highest spending tier, 37% of TikTok users are include.

At least half of TikTok customers say they feel glad, thrilled, or ecstatic about the items they buy.

Famous people, artists, and current Post-publishing video edits are now possible events all have a significant influence in the discovery process.

Following are the most effective ways to introduce TikTok users to new companies and products:

Figures representing the public at large make up 48% of the total.

Artists and Writers Contribute 25%: Post-publishing video edits are now possible

23% through currently-popular subjects/hashtags (compared to other platforms)

Fifty-five percent of TikTok users regularly use the app to learn about new businesses and goods, and this percentage is up from the previous year by fifteen percent.

The moment of sale is not the end of the relationship.

Post-publishing video edits are now possible

TikTok claims that after making a purchase, its consumers actively interact with companies via the app. Only 14% of customers don’t do anything after making a purchase. In the end, 58% of the TikTok audience successfully persuades someone else to try a product.

The following are some suggestions for companies and businesses looking to take use of TikTok’s active user base:

Make sure the endless cycle is constantly power by maintaining constant engagement. Explore the Ads Manager’s test-and-learn features.

Collaborate with those who produce content: Post-publishing video edits are now possible

Relying on their knowledge and the trust they’ve earned from their audience.

Engaging activities like LIVE shopping may expand the reach of in-feed video and TikTok’s shopping features.

If you want to stand out on the platform, do something fresh. Make something worthwhile for the TikTok community to watch.


Ad formats on Pinterest have expanded to include Idea Post-publishing video edits are now possible Ads and a Sponsored Partnerships tool for paying advertisers.

Introducing Pinterest’s newest features, which will provide brands and artists with exciting new channels to reach their target audiences.

Pinterest, a visual social network, has released a paid partnership tool for artists, as well as paid partnership advertisements for marketers. Over 30 nations across the globe now have access to these modern advertising forms and instruments.

Post-publishing video

As with the original Idea pins, which debuted in 2021,

The structure of the adverts for the digital platform is based on the physical collectibles. They are a multi-page format that allows for the publication of visual and audio material from advertising. Those who viewed advertising for Ideas on Pinterest were 59% more likely to remember the brand afterwards.

Brands can now work with Pinterest Creators to communicate their message in a genuine and original way with Pinterest’s newest ad style, Idea advertisements with sponsored partnership. It’s possible for companies to work with content makers to develop interactive, immersive branded content that can be market to a larger audience.


Now that Pinterest’s new paid partnership feature is live

Content creators may openly acknowledge their sponsorship by tagging brand partners inside their own material. Researchers at Pinterest discovered that companies who collaborated with artists had a 38% increase in brand recognition and a 37% increase in Pin awareness.


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