Pinterest releases API version

This week in internet advertising news. Pinterest releases API version 5 to facilitate new pin presentation and management. Tools for users Tikor expands test of downvotes for video replies. YouTube releases new Search Insights for all creators DuckDuckGo stealthily. Pinterest releases API version removes pirate sites from search results; Google issues warning about inaccurate real time data for Universal Analytics property; and

See below for a rundown of recent events, developments, and informational additions:

Pinterest releases API version

Social: Pinterest releases API version

TikTok Extends Video Comment Downvote Test

Now even TikTok is experimenting with a downvote feature . That viewers may hide video responses they don’t want to see.

In 2020, TikTok started testing the function and is just now making it available to a wider audience.

According to TikTok, “We have begun testing a system where users may flag remarks they find off-topic or improper. We currently employ a variety of parameters. Pinterest releases API version and your community input will add to that to help us keep the comments. Area fresh and a place for true conversation. Only the commenter who filed the dislike will be able to know that it has been register. Protecting the community from any potential bad feelings or demoralization that may arise amongst community members or authors.”

Some Twitter users have reported seeing a “thumbs down” icon to the right of video answers

Prompting social media analyst Matt Navarra to address the issue on the microblogging platform.

Pinterest releases API version

TikTok has not specifie how this would affect the ranking of comments or result in a change in how comments are shown for particular users. It’s not quite like Reddit yet, where Pinterest releases API version users vote on the order of replies, but that’s certainly a way TikTok may go in the future.

In a similar vein, Facebook is testing with negative votes for comments, while Twitter is actively working on a similar concept.


The Facebook and Woo Commerce Partnership Is Officially Announce: Pinterest releases API version

Together, Pinterest and Woo Commerce want to increase the number of products available on the site.

On April 13, Instagram introduced a new Woo Commerce add-on. The new integration will let the 3.6 million Woo Commerce store owners turn their product listings into Shoppable Pins on Pinterest.

Woo Commerce’s primary function is as an eCommerce plugin for WordPress, allowing site owners to exhibit goods online. In addition, businesses may now now list the very same goods on Twitter, increasing their potential clientele.

Instagram explains, “We’ve teamed up with Woo Commerce

we want to provide the most motivational environment for online shoppers. We’re developing Pinterest as a destination for consumers driven by their own preferences, and we’re investing in cutting-edge tools to help them find, explore, and interact with companies. This relationship provides Pinners with new ways to explore and shop with certainty, since the amount of Pinterest engaging on purchasing surface increased by over 20% quarterly and annually in Q4 ’21.”

Pinterest releases API version

In order to further assist content creators, YouTube has released updated search analytics.

Creators on YouTube now have access to more search insights data based on user queries.

In November of last year,

YouTube introduced a preview of a new feature called Search Insights, which will show you how users are looking for your channel and content inside the app, as well as how they are searching for other things.

Search Insights may be access in YouTube Studio for desktop through the Analytics sidebar and the Research tab. Topics that were most popular with your subscribers, how many people were searching for those terms, and how much new traffic those terms drove to your channel.

Queries that don’t have many results shown as Content Gaps on YouTube. Creative people may gain fresh ground by making use of this knowledge.

One may also use the ‘Searches Across YouTube’ : Pinterest releases API version

feature to learn about the most popular inquiries for a certain term.

APP version

There’s a chance the data in the Real-Time report in Google Analytics is wrong for Universal Analytics properties, the company advises. Your account’s real-time data will look lower than it truly is if this occurs. Only by upgrading to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) can you be confident that your real-time data is reliable.

Google sent the caution in the form of a Help Center post. This is what the warning proclaims: “Your Universal Analytics Real-Time report may show sparse data due to a lack of recent events. The Real report in Google Analytics 4 is where you should go for the most up-to-date, actionable data in real time.”

Now is a great moment to start advertising on Pin and taking use of the platform’s new shoppable capabilities if you run an online store using WooCommerce.

You should think about switching to GA4 if you value real-time insights on website performance.

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APP version

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Conversations about your company and its brand may be monitor via social listening. It aids in fine-tuning one’s tactics and identifying areas that need improvement. Here’s a manual for improving your company’s standing via social media monitoring.

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