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Client: Retro Fitness

Year: 2014

Timeframe: 6 months

Main Service: Website Copy & Content Writing

Return Over Investment: 94%

Retro Fitness, Website Copy and Content Writing

In 2022,  as much of the country continues to recover from the pandemic, Florida stands out boldly as a beacon of hope and a climate of certainty for businesses.

As leadership in states throughout the U.S. enforced restrictive mandates, Florida’s leadership fought tirelessly to protect the freedoms, jobs and businesses of Floridians. Throughout the pandemic, as states shut down and remained closed, Governor Ron DeSantis kept Florida open, allowing people to earn a living and businesses to remain in operation.

As a result of sound policies and putting Floridians first, Florida continued to build upon an already strong economy and welcomed droves of new residents and businesses to the Sunshine State. As businesses sought and continue to seek a climate of certainty in unprecedented times, Florida has seen notable increases in business formations and labor force. According to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO), Florida led the nation in total business formations in 2021. Total new business formations in 2021 were 60 percent higher than in 2019. In the first seven months of 2022, Florida had 75,707 more new businesses than second-place Texas – even though Texas has a population more than 35 percent larger than Florida’s.

softglaze portfolio
softglaze portfolio

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