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Client: The Calendar Group

Year: 2014

Timeframe: 6 months

Main Service: Website Development

Return Over Investment: 94%

The Calendar Group, Website Development

In 2002 we were approached to staff multiple residences of two high net worth – high profile families (who are still with us today). Our clients came to us sharing their frustration that agencies were presenting candidates who just don’t “get it”. We identified the need for a more personal and sophisticated approach to ensure the perfect fit. Instead of using a database filled with generic backgrounds, The Calendar Group chooses to listen to our client’s needs:

what they like and don’t, what has and hasn’t worked, and how they live their lives. We believe that there is a perfect fit for all roles– no matter the complexity. The Calendar Group is a full-service staffing firm which evolved out of the need for a more resourceful and personalized approach to staffing for high net worth families, individuals, and their companies.

Our clients’ time is irreplaceable and invaluable. Keen intuition, discretion and unparalleled personal attention are the keys to our success. Our professionalism and integrity are unwavering and unmatched by competitors.

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