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Client: Spiel des Jahres

Year: 2014

Timeframe: 6 months

Main Service: Content Marketing

Return Over Investment: 94%

Spiel des Jahres Content Marketing

What is game of the year?
The Game of the Year is a prize for analog parlor games in German-speaking countries, first awarded in 1979 (History Game of the Year. German-language games from the current year and the year before are taken into account. Since 2001 there has also been the Children's Game of the Year award and since 2011 the Kennerspiel des Jahres as additional main prizes. The award of the winners is not associated with prize money. The winners may advertise with the jury's signet, for which license fees are due. This income is used to cover any expenses that the registered club (e.V.) Spiel des Jahres has to bear.

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