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Client: Society For Science

Year: 2019

Timeframe: 4 months

Main ServiceDigital Marketing

Return Over Investment: 82%

Society For Science , Digital Markting

Consider replacing live talks with pre-recorded watch parties where the speakers can answer text chat during the talk and live Q/A after the talk.  Especially for events with many parallel tracks, watch parties have no technical difficulties and are always in sync.

International Replay

For international events, consider replaying the watch parties twice so that audiences in Europe, Asia, the Americas, etc. can tune in at a reasonable hour.  Consider interspersing scheduled technical sessions with unstructured interaction time such as coffee breaks, poster sessions, or networking events. Participants will interact with each other casually during these sessions and return to the technical sessions refreshed. We recommend alternating technical sessions of 60-75 minutes and unstructured time of 45-60 minutes.
softglaze portfolio
softglaze portfolio
softglaze portfolio

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