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Project Details of Girl Lash Digital Marketing

Client: Girl Lash

Year: 2018

Timeframe:4 months

Main Service: Digital Marketing

Return Over Investment: 82%

Girl Lash Digital Marketing

Introduction of Girl Lash Digital Marketing​. Being a Lash Artist I wanted the best, highest quality products to create the best set of lashes possible! I knew this would set myself apart from other Lash Artists in my area. I felt the only way I could do this, is with my own products! I began the journey of development and extensively researching. Now, a year in a half later, I am so excited to share the softest, most natural feeling, highest quality lashes! Alongside, our lash adhesive known for it’s insane bonding retention!

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Girl Lash Digital Marketing​
Girl Lash Digital Marketing​
Girl Lash Digital Marketing​

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