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Client: Balaguer Guiters

Year: 2019

Timeframe: 5 months

Main Service: Content Marketing

Return Over Investment: 92% 

Blaguer Guiters Content Marketing

Where Modern Design Meets Vintage Inspiration.”

Our goal at Balaguer Guitars is to build instruments that translate your creativity in the truest way possible, no matter what approach you take to playing. We want to offer you the instrument of your dreams, built for you the player, and for a reasonable price. We’re able to achieve this by building relationships with some of the best production facilities in the world, and by working with like-minded partners who prioritize quality and service over all else.The Standard Series is built in Indonesia to our exact specifications at a factory that maintains ethical and fair labor practices, and is purpose-built to provide professional-grade specifications for all players. Our Select Series is handcrafted in South Korea and includes additional premium features, specifically chosen to elevate each models’ individual design. The Select Custom Series begins on a foundation of our design and is then customized by you the player into an instrument that is uniquely yours. Hand-built by a select team within the custom shop in South Korea, these pieces retain our highest standards of quality and deliver an instrument whose sole purpose is to connect with each player and their own style, whether that’s on the road, in the studio, or anywhere else in between.

Softglaze portfolio
Softglaze portfolio
Softglaze portfolio
Softglaze portfolio

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