Twitter is testing more prominent alt texts

This week’s news in digital marketing: In other news, Google has been quietly retiring reverse image search in favour of Google Lens, Twitter is testing more prominent alt Twitter is testing texts to improve image accessibility, Facebook group admins now have access to new tools, and Google is testing URL and favicon placement in web stories.

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Twitter is testing more prominent alt texts

Twitter Introduces a Revenue Tracking Dashboard for Content Creators

Twitter is experimenting with a new Creator Dashboard that will allow producers to monitor their subscriptions and profits in one convenient location.

A new method for Twitter content producers to earn money was unveiled on March 8. The new dashboard will allow content producers keep tabs on their earnings through the app, including data on Super Follows, Ticketed Spaces, and a payment tracker.

According to Twitter, “[Creator Dashboard] is intended to Twitter is testing assist creators better understand how they generate money on Twitter and how much money they are making via monetization features, Ticketed Spaces, and Super Follows.” The dashboard provides a straightforward method for artists to look at their payment history and view information about impending rewards, and it can be accessed directly from the Monetization page.

American iOS developers with at least 10,000 followers: Twitter is testing

who have taken part in Ticketed Spaces and/or Super Follows may now access the updated Creator Dashboard.

Twitter is testing more prominent alt texts

Twitter, the social media giant, has released a new swiping feature that allows users to quickly choose between their most recent tweets and a chronological list of every tweet

It now takes an extra swipe from the Latest Tweets area to reach your profile.

A star symbol in the upper right corner of the screen allows you to choose between the Most Recent Tweets and the Tweets in Chronological Order. As of this update, a second swipe is required to switch between the two streams.

While initially only available on iOS, Twitter has promised

that Android and the web will get the update in the coming weeks.

In the last 18 months, the firm has been experimenting with new additions Twitter is testing and improvements. The use of fleets is a perfect illustration of a prematurely abandoned endeavour. In essence, the fleet was Twitter’s answer to Instagram Stories. These updates would automatically expire after 24 hours. Due to lack of popularity and consumers’ preference for Twitter, the function was removed after just eight months.


Twitter is testing more prominent alt texts

Google Has Quietly Discontinued Its Reverse Image Search Function

There’s a new option on the context menu called “Search Image with Google Lens” that looks to have replaced the old “Search Google for this Image” capability.

The new Search Image with Google Lens link redirects visitors to the website. There is, however, a Retry with Google Images link in the page’s footer.

Disabling Lens in chrome:/flags by setting #enable-lens-region-search to disabled will reenable the formerly available reverse image search. However, despite the flag’s continued visibility, selecting it has no effect.

To bring back instant results for reverse image searches: Twitter is testing

Add-ons like Armin Sebastian’s Search by Image may be installed. Reverse image searching might function with some tweaks to the extension’s settings, much in the way the original Google search did.


Twitter is testing more prominent alt texts

Twitter Experiments With More Prominent Alt Texts

Twitter is experimenting with two new capabilities that would make it easier to see images on both mobile and desktop devices.

Alt texts are alternative text descriptions that accompany images for the benefit of viewers with visual impairments such as blindness, poor vision, the use of assistive technology, or those who reside in places with limited network capacity.

Twitter is experimenting with a “alt” tag

Exposed image captions to make images more accessible. Twitter has said that it is testing the features with 3% of its user base across iOS, Android, and web browsers. Twitter plans to roll them out internationally in early April.

Users may get picture descriptions by tapping or clicking the alt badge located in the images’ bottom-left corners. If you click on the picture below, you can see what opening the image description looks like.

The following are some options for describing images:

Publish a picture

To add a caption to your photograph, click the “Add description” button.

Explain it in detail in writing.

When prompted, click “Save.”

Post on Twitter

When you do this, the alternative badge will appear on the picture. You have the freedom to write a description anywhere from one to a thousand characters long. Each of your many uploaded images may have its own description.



Facebook Group Managers Now Have Access to New Tools

Facebook is always updating Facebook Groups with new tools to assist moderators in running their groups smoothly.

New and improve tools for managing and expanding Facebook communities with the right people made available to group managers.

The updated options include: Twitter is testing

QR codes may bring users to your group’s about page, where they can learn more and ask to join after scanning the code.

Email invitations are now available, allowing group managers to quickly and easily add new members to the group.


Automated approval or denial of member requests based on predetermined criteria

Such as whether or not all members’ inquiries have been address is one of the latest features add to the administrative assistant. Automatic rejection of posts is now possible if third-party fact-checkers determine that they contain erroneous information.

Similar to Discord’s Mute feature, the new Suspend function temporarily prevents group members from posting, commenting, responding, answering, conversing, or visiting a Room.

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