This week’s news in digital advertising: TikTok introduces Instant Pages for in-app browsing directly from ads, and WordPress 5.9 goes live with a full-site editing experience for WordPress site owners; Google confirms testing favicons in Search Ads; Instagram introduces subscription feature for paid users to view exclusive content; Instagram expands response options in Stories; Instagram adds scheduled live stream display on user profiles;

Google Is Trying Out Icon Banner Ads With Favicons, Editing experience for WordPress site

Google has confirmed that favicons are being tested inside Search Ads in an effort to better assist consumers in recognising certain brands and advertisers within the context of a particular search.

Editing experience for WordPress site

The Burk Digital Factory’s Darcy Burk saw an Uber Eats search advertisement including a pizza emoji and tweeted about it. This is part of a series of minor tests to enable people more readily identify the brand or advertiser linked with the Search advertising they may encounter for a specific query,” says Ginny Marvin of Google through the Ads Liaison Twitter account.

In the above screenshot, the ad makes use of the globe symbol that appears when no favicon is specified, however the emoji pizza was used as a placeholder favicon.

However, Google may be trying this to determine whether it’s worth pushing out to a larger audience, despite the fact that placing emojis on advertising is against Google ads regulations.

Users may now buy access to premium content on Instagram and TikTok.

Paid memberships for creators are announced on Instagram and TikTok.

Some American content producers and influencers have been seen experimenting with paid subscriptions, which enable them to charge their fans a recurring price in exchange for premium material like live videos and tales. A purple badge appears next to the user’s name and subscription information inside the app.

Using screenshots, Twitter user @salman memom 7 demonstrated how to subscribe to certain content producer accounts on Instagram.

A membership in the US is expected to cost anything from $0.99 per month to $99.99 per month, according to a study.

In contrast, TikTok has announced that it is developing premium subscriptions, which will enable content producers on the network to earn money from their videos. The possibility to tip producers on TikTok already exists, so the distribution of unique material behind a barrier may help establish a reliable income for creators on the network.

Polls on Instagram Stories now have more options for user input.

Instagram has expanded the Poll sticker’s answer choices in Stories in an effort to boost interaction.

The Poll sticker in Instagram Stories has been modified behind the scenes to allow for up to four answer possibilities, up from the previous two.

The screenshots of this update were tweeted out by user @TexanMeg.

Brands and marketers alike may benefit greatly from this novel channel’s attractive new potential for easy communication and expanded exposure.

Poll sticker question wording may now be customised to your preferred colour, as reported by user @hammadoh1.

Both are very minor changes, but the improvements they provide in terms of practicality are welcome additions that will facilitate audience interaction with brands and advertising.


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