Introduced its own forecasting tool and launched

New this week in the world of online advertising: When compared to Twitter, which has introduced its own forecasting tool and launched its Shopify connection function, TikTok has introduced its own Attribution Manager tool, and Microsoft has introduced its own Cash back promotions programme.

What follows is a comprehensive rundown of the most recent events and developments:

forecasting tool


The TikTok Platform Allows for Variable Attribution Periods TikTok has released a new tool called “Attribution Manager,” which enables marketers to establish unique attribution periods for their campaigns.

Attribution is use by marketers to learn what customers do after they interact with an ad, such as by clicking on it or watching it. The attribution window is the time period that marketers consider when calculating the effectiveness of their ads.

“Flexible attribution periods are vital for organisations as they have diverse customer conversion paths,”

says TikTok. Marketers may use this information to fine-tune their campaigns for increased success.

TikTok’s new Attribution Manager allows advertisers to set their own attribution windows inside TikTok Ads Manager.


Marketers may tailor the time frame during which their online and app campaigns are evaluate using the Attribution Manager. The CTA window can be set anywhere one day to 28 days.

VTA window set anywhere off to up to seven days.

By default, TikTok Pixel and Web Event API advertisers in Attribution Manager will use a 7-day click and 1-day view window. Users have 7 days from the time is clicked on to convert a view in TikTok Ads Manager 24 hours from the timeis seen to turn it into a click.

In addition to the above time ranges, the following are also available:

Day 1, Day 7, Day 14, Day 28 CTA

Visibility Through Aperture (VTA): Off, 1, and 7 Days: Introduced its own forecasting tool and launched

TikTok Ads Manager’s Attribution Manager is included in the Assets section. Internet campaign marketers that use the TikTok Pixel or Events API will have access to this instrument. When TikTok Ads Manager switches to a self-attributing model, Attribution Manager will be activated for app promotion campaigns.


Introduced its own forecasting tool and launched

More Twitter advertisers may now get “Brand Likes.”

Branded Likes, a previously limited advertising option, is now available to a wider audience, giving marketers another another way to boost interaction with their Twitter accounts.

In a recent tweet, the Twitter Communications team informed its followers that from the final week of June.

All marketers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan would have access to the Branded Likes ad option.

Brands may increase their app engagement with the aid of an option called “Brand Likes,” which are animate versions of Twitter’s “Like” button. Take a look at this sample of the “Scream” movie’s Branded Like advertisement.

Branded Likes have the potential to improve engagement with your brand, but they don’t seem to have their own measure just yet, so you won’t be able to monitor this growth in your campaign analytics. Twitter now keeps tabs on “Likes” and engagement, which includes any interaction with a Tweet (such as a Retweet, reply, follow, link, card, hashtag, embedded media, username, profile picture, or Tweet expansion).

Branded Likes provide a way to make tweet promotions more engaging, which might be useful for boosting brand recognition and the effectiveness of messages.

Introduced its own forecasting tool and launched

Branded Likes will likely come with a significant price tag, although Twitter has not yet said how much they will cost. In fact, during the Super known to charge $1 million for Hashflags (brand emojis).

The Twitter ‘Campaign Planner’ is a new tool for making predictions: Introduced its own forecasting tool and launched

Twitter’s new forecasting tool, named Campaign Planner, has finally been release after a six-month beta testing phase.

Because of the Campaign Planner’s ability to provide an estimate of potential outcomes before to the commencement of a campaign, it intend to assist marketers in making well-informed media investments on Twitter.

Managed advertisers in the US, UK, and Japan may use Campaign Planner. Advertisers may use this app to make educated predictions about their campaigns’ potential success in terms of audience size, frequency of exposure, and cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

Funding for Online Auctions: Introduced its own forecasting tool and launched

Create a preliminary campaign and save it in the system for later use.


Twitter’s goal in introducing this feature is to help its advertising partners better assess the size and cost of reaching a specific audience before launching an ad campaign.

Marketers that have a Twitter Ads account and qualify for the Campaign Planner may find it there. You’ll need to submit your plan information before the forecasting process can begin.


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