TikTok has released a dedicated app

Today’s news in the world of online advertising includes: To better TikTok has released a dedicated app accommodate user demand. TikTok has released a dedicated app for TikTok Now. Meta has introduced a new ad type for brand and retail store collaborations. Launched the Facebook Reels API TikTok has increase the character limit for video descriptions. And Instagram has introduced the longer stories feature.

Recent developments, tendencies, and informational upgrades are describe in further depth below.

TikTok has released a dedicated app


Previously only available in the United States, TikTok is now available worldwide.

In an effort to compete with BeReal and bring TikTok Now to more international markets, TikTok has released a new app with similar features.

TikTok Now, a new feature just released in the United States, is a direct rip off of BeReal, a popular photo-sharing app that has seen a 315% year over year increase in its monthly active users. TikTok Now is a standalone app that is now accessible on the App Store and Google Play for consumers in countries and regions outside of the United States.

TikTok Now works by encouraging. Its users to record themselves performing things using the front and rear cameras on their mobile devices. Daily at the same time. Everyone gets a reminder to record a 10-second video or take a still snapshot to share with their social network.

If you’d want to use this functionality outside of the TikTok app, you may do so using the dedicated TikTok Now app. Also, it connects a user’s profile across both platforms. Creating a TikTok account is require to utilise the TikTok Now app, however downloading the TikTok app is not necessary.

TikTok has released a dedicated app

It is important to note that the minimum age to use TikTok Now is 13 (or 14 in South Korea and Indonesia. TikTok Now users over the age of 18 get an extra three minutes to complete their videos.

The following locations include TikTok Nows: TikTok has released a dedicated app

The Now feed in the TikTok app displays TikTok videos shared by accounts you follow and accounts the app suggests you follow if you’re above the age of 18. The “Now” feature is only available to select individuals via the “Friends” menu.

Present and old TikTok Nows are archive here in your Memories. Your old TikTok Nows only seen you.

The Friends feed in the TikTok Now app displays videos from accounts you follow. Accounts the app suggests you may like.

You can find local TikTok makers (over the age of 18) who share public TikTok Nows in the Explore feed.

The Recollections tab shows both your recent and archived TikTok Now videos. TikTok Nows you’ve create in the past are private be seen you.

Visit this support page for additional information about using TikTok Now.

With the launch of its new Collaborative Ads platform, Meta seeks to facilitate partnerships between brands and retail establishments.

Meta’s new Collaborative Ads feature, which facilitates local delivery in addition to seller participation, is design to streamline the shopping experience for consumers.

Meta has invent a whole new kind of advertisement, and it is being role out worldwide. Advertising their wares alongside their delivery partner retail shop or service, Collaborative Ads local delivery is a great way for local businesses and consumer packaged goods firms to reach new customers. Customers may buy food and other necessities closer to where they are located.

Collaborative Ads’ local delivery service only displays in-stock items at the correct price, guaranteeing that clients always get what they want.

TikTok has released a dedicated app

According to Meta’s announcement, businesses may now reach their clients on Facebook and Instagram via local delivery using Collaborative Ads. Targeted, local interest in your items may be generate on both platforms via partnerships with grocery stores, restaurants, and delivery services.

Check out this page on Meta to see how other companies are utilising Collaborative. Ads to boost sales of their goods.


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