CEO of Tikor addresses allegations

The most recent developments in the world of online advertising. In this issue The CEO of Tikor addresses allegations regarding. The most recent developments in the CEO of Tikor addresses allegations. World of online advertising Elon Musk tries to back out of his Twitter takeover agreement. Twitter experiments with a new collaborative feature; Google Ads unveils diagnostic insights; Microsoft Shopping Campaigns introduces automation features; and more.

What follows is a comprehensive rundown of the most recent events and developments:

CEO of Tikor addresses allegations


Reports of Unprotected User Data Have the CEO of TikTok Responding

TikTok addresses questions from US authorities. Denies claims that are “not back by facts,” and explains how they’ve beefed up their data security measures.

Audio recordings from internal TikTok meetings were obtain in a June 2018 report by BuzzFeed News. Revealing persistent Chinese intrusion into user data originating in the United States. In light of this news. Nine US Senators have sent a letter to TikTok in which they raise a number of concerns. Including how the company handles the data of its American users. The role of the Chinese government, and the security of its new cloud service arrangement.

CEO Shou Zi Chew of Tikor felt compelled to elaborate

In response to the inquiries. In a letter to the US Senators. He responded to their concerns and disputed the claims made by BuzzFeed News about their careless management of sensitive data belonging to US users.

As a first step, Titokis CEO provided some background on the leaked meeting recording. He said that the corporation has been engage in a “multi prong operation” under the name Project. Texas to improve its data security measures. Oracle and Booz Allen are providing their expertise for this.

He said. “Some employees working: CEO of Tikor addresses allegations

on these projects don’t have vision into the complete picture. Working on a job without recognizing that it’s a single step in a much wider project or a test to support an assumption.

This is important background for the leaked tapes. And BuzzFeed’s claim was accurate in one respect. The CEO of Tikor wrote to US officials, revealing that the company has been in secret talks about how to “completely preserve user data and US national security concerns.” Recent reports indicate that all user data from the Unite States is now automatically store in Oracle’s cloud environment. And the corporation is collaborating with Oracle to implement additional, more stringent data security safeguards.

CEO of Tikor addresses allegations

In response to a question about. whether or not employees based in China have access to sensitive information. Titokis CEO stated. “Employees CEO of Tikor addresses allegations outside the US. Including Chin abased employees. Can have access to TikTok Usurer data subject to a series of robust cybersecurity. Controls and authorization approval protocols overseen by our US-based security team.”

CEO Shoo Zip Chew said, “We have not been request for such data from the CCP.” when ask whether TikTok has provide any information on its users in the United States in response to official enquiries from the Chinese Communist Party. We have not supplied the CCP with information on American users, and we certainly wouldn’t if they asked,” he added.

TikTok’s entire response to the letter from the US Senators is available here.

If successful, Elon Musk will have terminated the Twitter merger agreement.

Elon Musk has submitted a filing to the SEC asking to be release from his Twitter acquisition agreement.

Elon Musk has formally filed a petition with the SEC to cancel the $44 billion Merger Agreement after he questioned the amount of phoney accounts on Twitter and failed to receive proper facts.

Musk claims that Twitter has “materially breached many articles”

of their Merger Agreement, which is why he is terminating their agreement. Musk’s representatives allegedly warned Twitter that “[Twitter] appears to have made false and misleading representations upon The most recent developments in the world of online advertising: In this issue: the CEO of Tikor addresses allegations regarding the company’s data practises; which Mr. Musk relied when entering into the Merger Agreement, and is likely to suffer a Company Material Adverse Effect” (using the definition provided in the Merger Agreement).

According to Musk’s lawyers,

Twitter has failed to fulfil its commitment to furnish any data and information sought “for any legitimate business purpose relevant to the closing of the acquisition” under the terms of the Merger Agreement.

Twitter “failed or refused to disclose” the data and information needed for Musk’s team to conduct an independent evaluation of the frequency of false or spam accounts on the network, according to the letter.

Despite Musk’s repeated demands, Twitter did not give the following: CEO of Tikor addresses allegations

Data on how Twitter checks for the presence of spam and false accounts in their mDAU statistics

How Twitter detects andThe most recent developments in CEO of Tikor addresses allegations the world of online advertising: In this issue: the CEO of TikTok addresses removes fraudulent and spam accounts.

Average monthly user engagement over the previous eight (8) weeks.

Documentation for the Board of Directors about Twitter’s mDAU Calculations

CEO of Tikor addresses allegations

Documentation of Twitter’s fiscal health: CEO of Tikor addresses allegations

Musk and co. claim that the Merger Agreement has been breach since Twitter has not responded to their demands within a reasonable time frame. The Twitter board chairman Bret Taylor tweet however That the company is “committ to have Elon Musk follow through with their Agreement.”

The Securities and Exchange Commission and/or the courts will now determine. whether or not the merger termination move was warranty


Twitter Is Trying Out A New Way For Users To Work Together To Send Tweets

To increase their Twitter following, users may now team up with one another to send out a single coordinated tweet using the new CoTweet tool.

As Twitter puts it, CoTweet is a “means for two writers to share the limelight, highlight their contributions, and interact with more people.”

CEO of Tikor addresses allegations

This is a temporary trial for certain accounts in the US, Canada, and South Korea.

Twitter also included a caution noting that the service might be disable and Co Tweets deleted after the conclusion of the project.

A CoTweet is a Tweet written by two people and publish timelines at the same time. When one writer makes a CoTweet. They ask others to join in. In order for a CoTweet to become live, both authors must accept the invitation. If the CoTweet invitation is denie. It will be remove from the system.


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