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Client: Vet Strategy

Year: 2013

Timeframe: 5 months

Main Service: Website Development

Return Over Investment: 94%

Vet Strategy , Website Development

Orin always had his eye on the veterinary industry. He’s a pet lover, his wife (Dr. Michelle Cutler) is a veterinarian, and Dr. Cutler’s employer at the time (Dr. Bernie Caplan) always encouraged Orin to get involved in the industry. Dr. Caplan felt that Orin’s experience with Katz Group would lend itself well to the veterinary field.

Orin and Jon decided to take leaps of faith, leave their jobs, and work with Dr. Cutler and Dr. Caplan to pursue opportunities in the veterinary field. In February 2006, Dr. Cutler purchased McLean Animal Hospital from Don McLean and Bill Hanson, and Orin and Jon went to work managing the practice. Since that time, Orin, Dr. Cutler, and their growing team have developed and refined a model for operating animal hospitals. In 2012, Jon moved to Australia with his family but remains on our Board of Directors.

Our approach blends modern management techniques, a belief in the extraordinary capability of the veterinary clinic staff, and our insistence that our highly skilled veterinarians are free to practice responsible veterinary medicine

softglaze portfolio
softglaze portfolio

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