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Client: Term Omega Teach, Business Strategy

Year: 2017

Timeframe:6 months

Main Service: Business strategy

Return Over Investment: 87%

Term Omega Teach, Business Strategy

For over 35 years, ThermOmegaTech has been a leader in designing and manufacturing self-actuating thermostatic temperature control technology. ThermOmegaTech serves a multitude of industries and, as a result, creates solutions for a wide range of applications.

Beginning as the developer of highly reliable and cost-effective freeze valves for the railroad industry in 1983, ThermOmegaTech now provides the standard in freeze protection valves for the industry and takes pride in protecting billions of dollars of equipment every year.

In addition to solutions for the railroad industry, ThermOmegaTech’s thermostatic valve and thermal actuator technology is used in Commercial Plumbing, Aerospace & Defense, and Industrial applications where temperature control is critical.

These applications include freeze protection, scald protection, steam traps, steam tracing, thermal relief, mixing & diverting, cooling fluid control, thermal bypass, thermal balancing, drain tempering, tepid water delivery, and many other applications where ambient, fluid, or surface temperatures affect a system.

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