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Client: Sunbow Food Service

Year: 2014

Timeframe: 6 months

Main Service: Website Development

Return Over Investment: 94%

Sunbow Food Service, Website Development

Several years ago all of our competitors went to a private label philosophy. As a distributor when you choose private label you control the quality and you control the price, you tell the manufacturer what to charge you. Then why would we at Sunbow choose a different path? Simply – CUSTOMER CHOICE – Does private label help the customer? No.

So at Sunbow we went to work forming long-term relationships with key national-brand manufacturers. We want our customers to be able to have total accountability about who their product comes from. With us there is no deception, and there are no covert substitutions. We want our customers to have a choice from an offering of known, reputable products.

Not all products are created equal. So when we have to choose we choose the very best. We believe that the only way our customers can sustain themselves is by serving the highest quality product. Therefore the only way that Sunbow is sustainable is by providing the highest quality product. Think of the places that you like to eat. It is quality that drives you there. It is quality that creates the story, It’s quality that delivers that unforgettable experience, It’s quality that wins.

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softglaze portfolio
softglaze portfolio

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