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Client: Lilo Social

Year: 2014

Timeframe: 6 months

Main Service: Search Engine Optimization

Return Over Investment: 94%

Lilo Social website Dearch Engine Optimization

We are flat-out obsessed with helping eCommerce brands scale. All of our partnerships are full-funnel engagements with brands we truly believe in from top to bottom. Our only focus is to support new customer acquisition and drive customer retention. We engrain ourselves in the entire life-cycle of the customer journey setting us up to have the resources to make a realized impact by growing revenue. Rather than being looked at as a vendor, Lilo looks to integrate their team right into the brand’s team. They want to eat, sleep, and breathe the brand and make the success of the brand personal.

softglaze portfolio
softglaze portfolio
softglaze portfolio
softglaze portfolio

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