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Client: Gourmet Jumbo Cashews Business strategy

Year: 2017

Timeframe: 4 months

Main Service: Business strategy

Return Over Investment: 86%

Gourmet Jumbo Cashews Business Strategy

Arcade Snacks has been a family-owned and operated wholesaler since 1986. It started as a small nut roasting company in the family home of George Arcade Ether and their wife, Ann. With sons Rick Hauge and TJ Ether, George traveled near and far to buy the best cashews, bringing them back to Acton for roasting, salting, packing, and selling as Cup a’ Nuts at Logan International Airport in Boston. Roasting only in the best peanut oil, we’ve coined the phrase “Packed with Quality”, a term that has been used to describe their company for over three decades.

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