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Client: Cogency Global, Business Strategy

Year: 2018

Timeframe: 5 months

Main Service: Business strategy

Return Over Investment: 86%

Cogency Global, Business Strategy

The Right Response at the Right Time, Every Time is much more than our tagline; it’s COGENCY GLOBAL’s company-wide commitment to understanding exactly what you need, creating perfectly-timed solutions and keeping you informed on all of the things that matter to your business.It’s a promise that you’ll never feel forgotten or pushed aside. It’s a pledge to evolve with you and pave the way to your goals. It’s the responsibility to be where you need us, creating the solutions you require for your business when you need them. And it’s assurance that you have the right resources in place to future-proof your organization and sustain your growthOur values haven’t changed since our founding in 1980 by Howard and Joan Wagner when we were known as National Code Corporation. Even today, it’s possible for a global company to know their customers by name and treat their business like it matters. We do it every day, around the world. 

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