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Client: Nothern Neurology Specialties

Year: 2015

Timeframe: 3 months

Main Service: Website Copy & Content Writing

Return Over Investment: 89%

Nothern Neurology Specialties, Website Copy and Content Writing

Northern Neurology Specialties is an independent, boutique neurology practice delivering specialty neurology care in the communities that we serve.  We utilize one or a combination of conservative, aggressive, therapeutic and holistic approaches to medical care.

Every patient that walks through our door has a unique health story. My primary focus with patients is on the specialty of neurology, neurological diseases, diagnostic testing, investigating and diagnosing, leading to the development of an individualized treatment plan and strategy of care.

As part of your treatment plan, our thoroughness and investigation of your neurological conditions may seek the opinions of other medical and non-medical providers from different disciplines, such as neurosurgery, rheumatology, pain management, orthopedic, cardiology, physical therapy, acupuncture, neuropsychology, infectious disease and many others.

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